Exclusive Massachusetts Distributor for the Waterloo Biofilter®


Exclusive Massachusetts Distributor for the Waterloo Biofilter®

The Waterloo Biofilter system is a compact, reliable and low maintenance septic system, fully approved in Massachusetts.

While conventional septic systems use a tile bed to treat and dispose of septic tank effluent, the Waterloo Biofilter system uses a highly efficient, patented filter medium to provide a consistent and high level of treatment making disposal in the soil easy.

This system is especially effective for difficult sites such as small lots, heavy clay soils, shallow or exposed bedrock, and high water table, such as the New England coastal areas.


The Waterloo Biofilter® system is a single-pass aerobic biofilter designed for the biological treatment of wastewater. The patented process utilizes an absorbent synthetic filter medium designed to optimize the biological degradation of wastewater. Natural microbial action in the filter medium is enhanced by its high porosity, large available surface area, excellent air flow characteristics and ease of microbial attachment. The filter medium has optimized flow characteristics which allow for high loading rate and compact size. Allowable loading rates are typically 10 times greater than sand filters or soils. The Biofilter typically removes 90-98% BOD, 90-99% TSS, 50-60% TN and 98-99% coliform bacteria.
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The Waterloo Biofilter® synthetic filter medium allows separate flow paths for air and wastewater. The result is effective treatment and high loading rates.
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Traditional trickling filters (sand) rely on solid particles as a filter medium. This limits the airflow and wastewater flow to the biomat and the filters' effectiveness.
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The septic tank treats raw sewage by fermentation (just like making beer of wine). As such, it is important not to kill the bacteria that carry on this process by using excessive disinfectant in the household.

An effluent filter on the septic outlet screens out large particles ensuring effective treatment by the Biofilter®.

The pump chamber collects septic tank effluent which is sprayed onto the Biofilter® on a timed basis.

The Biofilter® consists of a patented absorbent filter medium, contained in patented mesh baskets and sized accordingly to your daily waste use.
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The Biofilter® medium houses beneficial microbes that degrade and oxidize organic pollutants, coliform bacteria, ammonium, and other contaminants in septic tank effluent.

The Biofilter® unit may be placed above or below ground.

Disposal of the treated effluent is to a pressure distribution disposal bed or trench.
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For a normal household the expected effluent quality is 0 to 15 mg/L BOD or cBOD (organic matter), 0 to 10 mg/Ltotal suspended solids (TSS), 20-60% total nitrogen removal, and 98-99% fecal coliform removal.

The Table to the left summarizes the Waterloo Biolfilter® system performance.


  • Successful sewage treatment in difficult sites
  • Municipal wastewater polishing after alum pre-treatment
  • Landfill leachate treatment with on-site disposal
  • Large trailer parks, golf courses and Apartment/Condo complex systems
  • Remedial and General Approval in Massachusetts
  • Provisional use approval for nitrogen reduction

Advantages of the Waterloo Biofilter®

  • Low Maintenance: The non-biodegradable filter medium normally does not require cleaning or changing (expected life span is 20-30 years).
  • Low energy: Small intermittent pump is the only energy requirement.
  • No noise: The Waterloo Biofilter has no noisy air blowers or mixers.
  • Recoverable: Easy to recover if the septic tank fails, unlike sand filters or conventional tile beds.
  • Various configurations: the versatility of the Biofilter® minimizes tree cutting and excavation: it will fit your requirements, not the opposite.
  • Artic or Caribbean: Developed and operated with Canada's winter in mind makes Biofilter® applicable to New England.
  • Small footprint: Effective treatment in an area 5-10 times smaller than that of sand, soil, or peat beds; and 10-50 times smaller with re-circulation or deeper beds, especially useful for larger systems.
  • Bedrock, clay, swamp, small lot: Our small Biofilter® and new disposal means can be placed virtually anywhere- making it a perfect application for seacoast regions or lakeside homes.
  • No solids production: Our unique aerobic-anoxic trickle filter process produces no sludge to pump out.
  • High hydraulic loading: The Biofilter® has no hydraulic limitations- will not plug or flood by infiltration caused by groundwater or leaky toilets, unlike sand, soil or peat.
  • Approval for General Use in Massachusetts for new construction. Residential systems receive a 50% reduction in required disposal area.
  • Approval for Remedial Use in Massachusetts allows for reductions in soil absorption system size, groundwater separation distance and requirement of four feet of naturally occurring previous material.
  • Approval for Provisional Use in Massachusetts as a Nitrogen reducing system.