Septic Maintenance Team in Massachusetts

David Clark - Staff in Ipswich, MA
David Clark is the owner of Clear Water Industries. He is a Grade 2-M Wastewater Operator (#8677). He has 25 years of experience working in all aspects of the on-site wastewater field. David is also a licensed installer in many community on the North Shore of Massachusetts as well as a Title 5 Inspector.
Mark Cottrel - Staff in Ipswich, MA
Mark Cottrell has a B.S. and M.S. is Civil Engineering with a focus in wastewater treatment. Mark holds a Grade 4-M wastewater operator license (#11739). Mark oversees all designs, sales and installations of the Waterloo Biofilter treatment system. Mark is also a Title 5 Inspector.
George Norris- Staff in Ipswich, MA
George F. Norris holds a Grade 4-M wastewater operators license (#10928). George has been in the wastewater industry for 9 years. His expertise is in troubleshooting and repairing malfunctioning systems. George also holds a Title 5 Inspector license.
Steven Cottrel - Staff in Ipswich, MA
Steven S. Cottrell is a Grade 4-M wastewater operator. He brings 16 years of experience in the wastewater industry to Clear Water Industries.
Kim Lemioux - Staff in Ipswich, MA
Kim LeMieux is the office manager, who is ready to answer any question you may have regarding septic system maintenance, installation or repair.
Team - Staff in Ipswich, MA